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In today’s world of high-tech communication, businesses face numerous challenges and potential threats. Information theft, the risk of internal computer attacks, eavesdropping and terrorist action can all strike at the heart of your network with devastating effect. An advanced Security Information Management System warns you of potential threats, and also ensures you adopt good working practices. NETASQ Security Solutions have been designed to support you across all the security aspects of your business, in addition to helping you conform to industry standards such as ISO27001.


A vulnerable network is open to attack and the risk of losing confidential information is greatly increased. Recent attacks have demonstrated the weakness of unprotected systems and highlighted the importance of maintaining a comprehensive antivirus solution. The detection rate, responsiveness and frequency of updates all need to be optimized to block both immediate and long term security threats.

The NETASQ intrusion prevention engine is based on more than 10 years of research. It incorporates the latest technologies and uses a number of different analyses to deliver enhanced levels of security. Its protocol analysis and signature protection work together to ensure proactive defense against attack, by uniquely incorporating intrusion protection with Zero-Day Unified Threat Management. This, coupled with antivirus protection, ensures NETASQ solutions provide total protection for any enterprise.

Simplified Administration

IT infrastructure continues to evolve as the number of remote sites, many without dedicated IT support, increases. The consequent proliferation of security equipment on your network is accompanied by a significant administrative overhead. A centralized approach to management and administration enables your IT Support to respond to these developments and optimize security across the network.

The NETASQ Administration Suite is a complete solution that delivers monitoring and reporting of both remote and central computers through a centrally managed process. Once installed, it enables your IT Support Team to ensure your networks are protected around the clock through the management of daily routines. Powerful administrative tools are a crucial element in ensuring maximum network security.


Mobile users can now be effective wherever they are, delivering increased productivity and reduced costs. However, these benefits must not be bought at the expense of degrading network security. NETASQ’s high-performance security tools offer mobile users a truly nomadic experience. Technologies such as IPSec VPN and SSL VPN enable network access without compromising security.


System availability is a key concern for every enterprise. Network congestion, loss of connectivity and denial-of-service attacks can all lead to loss of productivity and disruption to your business. Installation and integration of new software and hardware can equally bring with it costly interruptions.

NETASQ firewalls offer a range of features which manage network congestion and guarantee continuity of service. Superior Quality of Service solutions and features such as load balancing and failover help to avoid network congestion and guarantee 100% reliable connectivity. Advanced bandwidth management and traffic prioritization ensure maximum protection against denial-of-service attacks. Finally NETASQ products are easy to install with minimal impact on your production environment.

Risk management

Compliance with ISO 27001 involves putting in place an enterprise-wide security policy that addresses both technical and organisation issues. In order to combat complex attacks, you should be able to identify, manage and eliminate risks throughout your network.
NETASQ Vulnerability Manager is a unique, real-time analytical tool integral to the NETASQ Intrusion Prevention Engine. It gives the administrator relevant information on the level of risks throughout the network. This allows the operator to evaluate the importance of any alarm highlighting imminent threats.
Alerts and comprehensive reporting provide a full overview of critical vulnerabilities and help to identify what actions you can take to reduce risk levels in a timely manner.


Developing and improving your network incurs ongoing additional expense. However, the emergence of IP telephony, reduced maintenance costs and all-in-one security products can offer both savings and improvements in performance.