Managed Security Services Providers

Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) have to develop service offerings which bring added value to their customers. They may deploy security solutions on client sites or manage them centrally with automatic updating. NETASQ helps you to manage your entire network and reduce operational costs by deploying comprehensive network security functionality in a single appliance.

Operational costs

Operational costs are a constant concern for service providers. Without simple intuitive management tools, you are unable to minimize operator intervention and to carry out central configuration and maintenance.

NETASQ equipment is designed to provide you with management tools and automatic reporting to facilitate user, SLA and security reporting. Real-time network management allows you to monitor each client network. A single CLI interface delivers remote control of all aspects of security including firewalls, intrusion prevention, IPSEC VPN & SSL VPN, antivirus & antispam and URL filters. Network robustness is also supported by high availability options and disk redundancy.

Simplified administration

Operational teams are faced with many new challenges. IT infrastructure continues to evolve as the number of remote sites, many without dedicated IT support, increases and screening of remote networks is a growing requirement.

The ever-growing number of security appliances on your network is accompanied by a significant administrative overhead. A centralize approach to management and deployment of automatically-updating products enables your IT Support to respond to these developments and optimize security across the network.

The NETASQ Administration Suite is a complete solution that delivers monitoring and reporting for the entire network. Thanks to a centrally managed process which gives you complete control, you can limit access rights and roles for remote administrators on your customer networks. Extensive reporting capabilities enable you to view any modifications applied by administrators and to receive accurate site-by-site reports on alarms, connections and bandwidth management information.

Breadth of functionality

As networks grow in complexity you are faced with increasing workload and costs. The addition of more network devices means a greater management overhead and higher risk of disruption to service.

NETASQ’s comprehensive UTM approach to network security products enables you to simplify your service offering.

In a single easily upgraded device NETASQ provides a firewall, an IPS for intrusion prevention, a web filter module, antispam & antivirus, IPSec interconnect functions and a complete SSL VPN solution. This makes it easy for you to offer the right response to every customer security concern.


Your marketing initiatives need to combine the easy implementation of generic configurations for large-scale deployment with the activation of on-demand services for more targeted product offerings. They must be supported by a range of management services including monitoring, update schedules, licensing, and centralized administration and reporting. NETASQ gives you the configuration control you need to develop your own service offerings with sharply-focused products. On-demand customer services can be easily activated.


In a competitive market you need to be sure that your sales and pre-sales teams have the necessary tools and support to succeed. NETASQ’s experience can help you to make the most of your USPs. NETASQ has dedicated teams offering custom-designed services to support you. Simple, clear documentation is accessible via secure forums along with online demonstrations of the NETASQ graphical interface.

Support and Training

You need the same level of reliable, dependable support that you provide to your customers. It should be responsive, with dedicated contacts to ensure your customer issues are dealt with quickly and effectively. NETASQ’s operator support gives you access to a 24/7 multilingual service desk with dedicated contacts and monthly progress sessions. All support contracts also include access to customized training sessions and NETASQ appliances to support you in developing your client services.

Added Value

Your service offering is your value-add and NETASQ can help to differentiate you from your competition. NETASQ Vulnerability Manager is a unique, real-time toolwhich passively analyses your customers’ networks. It audits PCs, Operating Systems and services and gives the administrator relevant information on the level of risks throughout the network. This allows the operator to evaluate the importance of any alarm highlighting imminent threats. Alerts and comprehensive reporting provide a full overview of critical vulnerabilities and help to identify what actions you can take to reduce risk levels in a timely manner.