Hospitals are required to meet the highest standards of data security. They must comply with HIPAA and other critical regulations, safeguarding confidential data. They must constantly ensure high levels of integrity and the availability of patient records. At all times, service continuity remains a priority.


Network availability is essential when a service breakdown or an application delay during patient care may have critical consequences. You need to ensure network reliability and guarantee continuity of service, all within tightly-controlled budgets. Regulations stipulate service availability even in case of network failure.

NETASQ firewalls offer a range of high availability features which manage network congestion and guarantee continuity of service. Superior Quality of Service solutions and features such as load balancing and failover help to avoid network congestion and guarantee 100% reliable connectivity.

Advanced bandwidth management and traffic prioritization capabilities enable effective management of all network traffic, while the comprehensive security features offered by NETASQ ensure maximum protection against denial-of-service attacks. Finally NETASQ products are easy to install with minimal impact on your overall environment.


Hospitals are required by HIPAA to protect against threats and risks to the security and integrity of medical records, as well as against unauthorized use and disclosure of confidential information. New applications which are installed for the comfort of patients are also subject to failure and malicious attack. You need proactive protection to guard against all types of attacks, including new forms of intrusion.

The NETASQ intrusion prevention engine is based on more than 10 years of research. It incorporates the latest technologies and uses a number of different analyses to deliver enhanced levels of security. Its protocol analysis and signature protection work together to ensure proactive defense against attack, by uniquely incorporating intrusion protection with Zero-Day Unified Threat Management. This, coupled with antivirus protection, ensures NETASQ solutions provide total protection for any organization.


Clinics are creating centralized databases to enable sharing of patient records. Without end-to-end security data can be lost or tampered with.

NETASQ understands the critical nature of these issues for healthcare institutions and offers solutions which enable you to add mobility into your network while maintaining the highest security standards. VPN-IPSec and VPN-SSL ensure your network is available to mobile applications without degrading security.

Return on investment

Developing and improving your network incurs ongoing additional expense at a time when financial constraints are increasingly severe. However, the emergence of IP telephony, reduced maintenance costs and all-in-one security products can offer both savings and improvements in performance.

All NETASQ products include the highest protection levels as standard and in addition, the number of users is unlimited for each licence.NETASQ’s complete UTM Security Solutions deliver a rapid ROI, without degradation of security.