Government information should be available to the public at all times. Rapid access, quick response times and the highest service levels are a necessity. However, as government department and agency networks are opened up for inter-departmental information exchange and public access, communications must be fully secured. Above all, service continuity is a prerequisite to enable information sharing.


Information leaks are unacceptable, let alone when they involve confidential data. A multi-layer approach ensures protection at the network level provides controls on data access from the working environment and guards the application layers against unauthorized intrusion.

All governments demand the highest levels of security for both critical networks and sensitive data

The NETASQ intrusion prevention engine is based on more than 10 years of research. It incorporates the latest technologies and uses a number of different analyses to deliver enhanced levels of security. Its protocol analysis and signature protection work together to ensure proactive defense against attack, by uniquely incorporating intrusion protection with Zero-Day Unified Threat Management.

This, coupled with antivirus protection combining heuristic analysis and a base of antivirus signatures, ensures NETASQ solutions provide total protection for any organization.

Financial Restrictions

The demands on government networks to provide faster and easier access are growing. At the same time regulatory restrictions are increasing. As a buyer, you need to find solutions that provide optimal levels of security at the lowest possible price.

Optimal levels of security at the lowest possible price

All NETASQ products include the highest protection levels as standard and in addition, each product is licensed for an unlimited number of users. NETASQ’s complete UTM Security Solutions deliver a rapid ROI, without degradation of security.


Government agencies require particular guarantees that sensitive information can be adequately protected against security breaches.

NETASQ Security Solutions are uniquely approved to the highest international standards, including EAL3+ and EAL4+ version 3.1 guaranteeing that they meet the rigorous specifications required by governments. Additionally, ANSSI approvals cover Firewall, IPS, protocol administration, authentication, logging and filtering in addition to encryption.

This affords you peace of mind that your most sensitive government information is protected. This guarantees your investment in the future development of new technologies and certifies interoperability with network equipment from other vendors.


New regulations and policies place great pressure on government departments to provide the public with fast, reliable access to open networks.

New regulations and policies

NETASQ firewalls offer a range of high availability features which manage network congestion and guarantee continuity of service. Superior Quality of Service solutions and features such as load balancing and failover help to avoid network congestion and guarantee 100% reliable connectivity.

Advanced bandwidth management and traffic prioritization capabilities enable effective management of all network traffic, while the comprehensive protection features offered by NETASQ ensure maximum protection against denial-of-service attacks.

Finally NETASQ products are easy to install with minimal impact on your operational environment.


As information sharing between departments grows, communications must include end-to-end security to avoid the loss of or changes to confidential data. Furthermore, the process must be quick and accurate with no loss of quality.

Avoid the loss of or changes to confidential data

NETASQ understands the critical nature of these issues for governments and offers solutions which enable you to develop your network towards mobility while maintaining the highest security standards.

IPSec VPN and SSL VPN ensure your network can be open to mobile applications without degrading security.