Finance and Banking

Financial institutions must have leading edge networks to ensure the highest levels of security and performance.
In addition, Sarbanes Oxley and Basel II mandate that banking networks are tightly managed and closely monitored to ensure that any malicious access is prevented.

Quality of Service

A service breakdown or an application delay during a customer transaction is unacceptable. Network reliability and guaranteed continuity of service must be provided.

NETASQ’s U Series
offers a range of high availability features which control network congestion and guarantee continuity of service. Superior Quality of Service solutions and features such as load balancing and failover help to manage network traffic and guarantee 100% reliable connectivity.

Advanced bandwidth management and traffic prioritization capabilities enable effective management of all network traffic, while the comprehensive security features offered by NETASQ ensure maximum protection against denial-of-service attacks.


Protection of customer data, the evaluation of all the risks associated with your network in addition to regular reporting, monitoring and incident response management. The NETASQ intrusion prevention engine is based on more than 10 years of research. It incorporates the latest technologies and uses a number of different analyses to deliver enhanced levels of security. Its protocol analysis and signature protection work together to ensure proactive defense against attack, by uniquely incorporating intrusion protection with Zero-Day Unified Threat Management.

This, coupled with antivirus protection, ensures NETASQ solutions provide total protection for any organization.

Reducing costs

You are under constant pressure to reduce network costs.A user-friendly interface driving a centralized administration system enables simple and effective management of the entire network, while centralized voice services and low maintenance costs also contribute in controlling costs.

All NETASQ products include the highest protection levels as standard and in addition, each product is licensed for an unlimited number of users. NETASQ’s complete UTM Security Solutions deliver a rapid ROI, without degradation of security.

Risk Management

Risk Management The risk of losing confidential information is greatly increased A vulnerable network is open to attack and the risk of losing confidential information is greatly increased. Recent attacks have demonstrated the weakness of unprotected systems and highlighted the importance of maintaining a comprehensive antivirus solution. The detection rate, responsiveness, and the frequency of updates all need to be optimized to block both immediate and longer term security threats. Security levels must be stringent both within your system and for your customers.

NETASQ Vulnerability Manager is a unique, real-time analytical tool integral to the NETASQ Intrusion Prevention Engine. It gives the administrator relevant information on the level of risks throughout the network. This allows the operator to evaluate the importance of any alarm highlighting imminent threats.


You must be able to trace all your connections and file access activity to obtain a global view of your network and detect unauthorized attempts at data access. This requires unique user identification and powerful monitoring and reporting tools.

NETASQ’s comprehensive user authentication strengthens your system protection while extensive logging and reporting functions enable you to track which users are accessing which resources and any attempts at unauthorized access.

The SNMP and email alert generation module logs all network events centrally for maximum control of the entire network. NETASQ enables you to save and generate reports on all connections established in a given time frame. Powerful identification functionality links users with the connections they make. In addition an alert generation module offers centralized information on all network events.