Medium-sized Businesses

NETASQ application firewalls redefine the concept of perimeter security. Its application traffic inspection engine at the heart of the architecture offers superior analysis without noticeable impact on latency.

Network Security

NETASQ U Series S Models
The latest models of NETASQ application firewalls embed all the protection technologies usually reserved for large corporations and military organizations. View our solutions for medium-sized businesses

NETASQ NG1000-A & NG5000-A

The NG1000-A and NG5000-A appliances are designed to scale to the high bandwidth, mission critical environments of large corporations. They can be used to secure broadband internet access, or as analysis and traffic protection probes. View our solutions for large corporations

Virtual environment

For SMEs and SMIs

The advantages of the “on demand” approach are obvious – significant decrease in security investments, total control over cost, quick return on investment, and state-of-the-art protection. View our solutions for SMEs and SMIs

For Businesses and Datacenters

NETASQ’s virtual appliance delivers proven and proactive security against future internal and external threats, guaranteeing peace of mind to international corporations looking to harness the power of virtualization. This solution secures both the performance of the virtual network as well as employees’ productivity. View our solutions for businesses

For Server Farms

NETASQ’s virtual appliances for servers offer future-ready security, protecting your network, your productivity and your budget. View our solutions for servers

Management Tools

Administration Suite
An enterprise security policy can be undermined by many factors – shortage of time, lax procedures and even conflicting priorities. In order to respond, an administrator must have the ability to manage his network, view traffic and produce reports simply and quickly. View this Solution

NETASQ Event Analyzer
NETASQ Event Analyzer is a security event management solution that handles the collection and consolidation of information that NETASQ’s multi-function firewalls send out. This solution also offers the automatic generation, customization as well as legal archival of events. View our Security Event Management Solution