NETASQ Advantages

A smoother network experience

For a similar budget, NETASQ firewalls offer the highest throughput for traffic even with intrusion prevention enabled. Ours is indeed the only architecture that has been optimized to give you a noticeably smoother network experience. Embedding the intrusion prevention engine within the heart of the operating system means that any latency will not be felt. It is by the way for this reason that this engine is enabled automatically on all the appliances in our range.

Invest in the future

Performance counts today, but as the years go by, your needs will change! The NETASQ engine’s use of algorithms and parallel treatments guarantees that this performance will last throughout the years. Regardless of the number of new protection methods that you will benefit from in the future, your network will remain just as fast.

Take the right measures

Pay close attention when you receive performance data based on packet filtering only. This tactic is often used to hide a discernible slowdown once traffic inspection is enabled. NETASQ’s technology guarantees excellent throughput and imperceptible latency in secured traffic. There will be no nasty surprises. Furthermore, we only communicate figures based on performance with intrusion prevention for application traffic.

Confidentiality or speed – you don’t have to choose!

Unlike the application environment that often varies, encryption algorithms on IPSec VPN tunnels are stable. NETASQ firewalls therefore use hardware acceleration to guarantee VPN throughput that is adapted to your usage needs. You can therefore secure your inter-site connections or your mobile devices with total peace of mind.

What if you always had a head start?

The great majority of firewalls only rely on an attack signature engine. This means that a specific signature has to be created after an attack appears. To stay one step ahead, NETASQ has invested heavily in its intrusion prevention engine – ASQ. Thanks to hundreds of various targeted protection techniques, ASQ identifies abnormal network behavior and blocks it efficiently. It is also more accurate in allowing legitimate connections. Just for web traffic alone, more than 5,000 attacks over the past 5 years have been thwarted even before they could appear. Companies that NETASQ protects therefore have never been vulnerable to these attacks, not even for a few hours.

Is your current protection reliable?

Relying on several patented technologies, NETASQ is the only solution that offers you reliable traffic inspection against evasion attempts. In order to do so, NETASQ’s inspection (IPS) engine is directly embedded into the core of the operating system’s IP stack. It is also able to emulate application responses in order to guarantee that it has enough data before allowing a packet to pass through. Thanks to this unique architecture, the recognition of a protocol or an application and its associated protection methods is more reliable.
This is one of the many reasons that have allowed NETASQ to obtain the best independent certifications, be they from NATO, the European Commission, Common Criteria or the ANSSI’s (or French Network and Information Security Agency) standard qualification.

Reconcile with the ISM

An Information Systems Manager’s security nightmare is the false alarm (false positive). Once again, NETASQ uses specific techniques to guarantee business continuity:

  • Application recognition on several network packets
  • Protection automatically adapted to the nature of the traffic
  • Targeted signature bases, restricted to a specific context: http header for example
  • Application intrusion prevention engine

All these techniques combined dramatically reduce the risk of false alerts and legitimate traffic being blocked.

Application intrusion prevention: a NETASQ exclusive

NETASQ’s R&D has always continued to innovate in order to try staying ahead of threats. Today, application intrusion prevention goes beyond simple data inspection. It allows, for example, understanding in real time what a web application code will do, even when the JavaScript code has been jumbled or miniaturized.
Encrypted or not, traffic will be inspected
NETASQ firewalls can decrypt SSL traffic in order to scan it. Easy to configure and not only limited to the web, NETASQ’s SSL inspection protects you from attacks, even those that are encrypted.

Make configuration easier

With NETASQ version 9, network security gets the most intuitive of management interfaces ever developed. The object-oriented web interface and step-by-step wizards guide you through the configuration process, whereas many breakthroughs in user-friendliness will make these steps intuitive and instinctive. By keeping the unnecessary complexity out of sight, risks of security flaws due to configuration errors are considerably reduced.

Avoid errors

According to analysts at IDC, more than 40% of security flaws are the result of configuration errors on firewalls. The simplicity of creating a security policy on a NETASQ firewall considerably reduces the occurrence of risks arising from a configuration error. For example, when editing a security policy, a diagnosis help wizard analyzes the validity of created or modified rules in real time. If an inconsistency is detected, the administrator will be duly informed, thereby reducing the probability of an error and lowering the cost and duration of a deployment.

Monitor your infrastructure’s health

In a company, several application vulnerabilities appear each day. The real-time analysis of vulnerabilities is one of NETASQ’s exclusive patented technologies. You can obtain in real time a detailed view of vulnerabilities and applications on your network in order to act more efficiently and quickly lessen the risk for your company.

Don’t be afraid to grow

NETASQ’ administration solutions help you to maintain control whether it is for one or several hundred sites. Detailed or high-level reports allow you to have an overview of your infrastructure while NETASQ’s centralized administration makes it easier to manage multiple sites.

NETASQ’s solutions are certified at the highest level.

This unparalleled suite of certifications guarantees that NETASQ appliances are among the most powerful on the market and meet the rigorous specifications required by military and defense as well as by governmental agencies. Such a level of certification guarantees that exceptionally high standards of reliability are achieved and that sensitive information can be adequately protected against security breaches in a state of the art fashion.

You therefore have peace of mind that your most sensitive information is protected, and the assurance that your investment in the future development of new technologies is secure.

Defense organizations cannot afford to suffer loss of confidential data and the subsequent leakage of important information. All internal applications and general documentation should be securely protected, in addition to including b encryption for confidential communications. With NETASQ’s certified solutions, you are fully protected.

All Governments Agencies demand the highest levels of security for both critical networks and sensitive data. Information leaks are unacceptable, let alone when they involve confidential data. Government agencies require particular guarantees that sensitive information can be adequately protected against security breaches. NETASQ garantees continuity of service.
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NETASQ is indeed the sole provider of firewall appliances with:

A NATO secrecy accredited VPN and firewall mailguard to the level of NATO Restricted.
La certification EU RESTRICTED permettant de sécuriser des informations Diffusion Restreinte au niveau Européen.WebSite Download PDF EAL4+ certification (Common Criteria v 3.1).
Download the pdf 1 / Download the pdf 2