Web protection


Monitor how your users surf the internet on your corporate network and optimize your bandwidth consumption by deploying a URL filtering solution. NETASQ’s cloud-based solution for the advanced monitoring of web browsing also allows you to stay ahead of threats and protect your infrastructure.

Client-side benefits.

· Prevention
of web-based threats
· Employee productivity
· High granularity
of URL categories
· Advanced URL filtering
for the whole NETASQ range
· Protection
of the corporate image


Setting up a web browsing monitoring solution will allow you to meet the following needs:

  • Optimization of bandwidth consumption

Watching video content or visiting websites that are not work-related can increase the amount of bandwidth that your internet access consumes. Monitoring your corporate users’ web browsing and controlling which websites to authorize ensure the optimal use of your bandwidth.

  • Comprehensive monitoring of web browsing

A large number of categories provide a rich URL filter feature. You can therefore configure your security policy as finely as possible by the departments in your company. For example, the marketing department may access social networks whereas other services will not be allowed to do so, thereby ensuring better productivity. Furthermore, the use of time slots allows creating flexibility in the URL filter policy at certain times of the day, allowing you to meet employees’ requirements.

  • Prevention of web-based threats

There is no longer a need to prove how widespread the use of the internet has become. The number of websites has increased by 5000% in 12 years and 60% of these sites are less than 2 years old. Incidentally, they are the resources that cybercriminals prefer for launching attacks. Even though 87% of attacks originate from malicious URLs, they can also affect reputed websites. The right security solution therefore needs in-depth and continuous knowledge about the web traffic in order to guarantee that your company’s users surf safely.

  • Protect your responsibility

In some countries, CEOs may be held criminally liable for users on their networks visiting illicit websites. A granular URL policy makes it possible to prevent visiting such sites. NETASQ’s URL filter enables organizations to block specific websites, without interfering with employee access to appropriate sites and their day to day work. Every NETASQ firewall includes an integrated URL filter which identifies and classifies millions of websites. NETASQ regularly scans a range of data sources to update the URL database using a processing algorithm.

NETASQ’s parallel processing algorithm guarantees optimum access speeds and an improved user experience. Automatic updating of web filter databases are included within our support contracts.

The Internet is evolving ever more rapidly. It constantly delivers new tools, improved communications and a range of advanced applications that allow companies to rationalize every aspect of their business processes.


Internet brings with it new security risks such as spyware and phishing, which enable criminal attacks on company networks and private individuals Bodies such as the Anti-Phishing Working Group who monitor such illegal activity, believe that the incidence of attacks will only grow and become increasingly sophisticated.

Spyware programs collect personal information, and can take control of the user’s computer.

Malicious software is often installed via freely distributed applications, videos or animations which are willingly downloaded. They remain undetected by the user and are extremely persistent. Information gathered in this way may be used for advertising targeted specifically at the user. The consequences of loss of credit card details are obvious and can be much more dangerous.

Spyware programs collect personal information, and can take control of the user’s computer. They do this by installing software onto the users computer without their knowledge, redirecting web browser activity.

Phishing is criminally fraudulent activity. Sensitive information including usernames, passwords and credit card details are obtained by impersonating a known and trustworthy organization, such as a bank, and using standard emails to request personal data. Phishing is now developing further to take advantage of SMS and VoIP communications.

NETASQ’s solutions

The NETASQ intrusion prevention engine is based on more than 10 years of research. It incorporates the latest technologies and uses a number of different analyses to deliver enhanced levels of security. It also includes a choice of embedded antivirus solutions; chosen between either ClamAV® or NETASQ’s custom-designed Kaspersky® solution.

NETASQ provides multi-level protection against spyware and other malware applications. As delinquent applications are detected, an alarm alerts the administrator who can then clean the infected machine. The most stringent levels of security are guaranteed by automatic updating of spyware and malware lists in addition to antivirus databases.

NETASQ provides comprehensive protection for your users through a combination of anti spam, contextual signatures and web filtering. Anti spam analysis determines the deceptive techniques used by offenders and identifies phishing.