Vulnerability Audit

IT risk management ensures that all established security measures comply with the network security policy. Antivirus, firewall and intrusion prevention solutions do not address all potential threat.


Vulnerability risk management

Network application vulnerabilities also need to be managed. Over 500 new potential threats are published every month. The cost associated with managing these represents a significant overhead to the business. Risk management solutions should be effective in assessing and detecting network vulnerabilities. They should include functionality to help identify and mitigate potential risks. Crucially, these essential tasks must be undertaken with a minimum of disruption to the network

An incident scenario is the description of a threat exploiting a certain vulnerability or set of vulnerabilities in an information security incident.

— Source ISO/IEC 27005

Processing of traffic flows across NETASQ security appliances enables NETASQ Vulnerability Manager to comprehensively map the vulnerabilities of active network elements. Optimal network risk management is achieved by concentrating on the applications as they are developed.

NETASQ Vulnerability Manager is a network risk management solution designed to detect applications and any particular vulnerabilities they may be susceptible to. At the heart of the architecture is a trademarked, patented engine which works in conjunction with the NETASQ Intrusion Prevention Engine to identify vulnerabilities across the network’s active elements.


Guarantee of optimal RoI

NETASQ Vulnerability Manager guarantees you a twofold return on your investment. Firstly, it delivers reductions in the threat of network incidents. Secondly, it significantly improves the productivity of your network risk management processes.

The impact of the incident scenarios is to be determined considering impact criteria defined during the context establishment activity.

— Source ISO/IEC 27005

The NETASQ risk detection solution links the detection engine with a number of innovative services. This approach delivers exceptional functionality, enabling rapid targeting of the most vulnerable machines, identifying the affected applications and diagnosing and implementing the appropriate corrective measures.

These services can also be combined with the use of specific reports. This enables you to implement effective processes to manage vulnerability risk levels throughout the network.

NETASQ Vulnerability Manager is available with all NETASQ network security solutions from version 7.0 onwards, with 1 year and 3 year options.


* Please note, this requires an existing NETASQ appliance under maintenance.