Antivirus & Antispam


The threats are there as soon as you log on to the internet. Why this happens is linked to the explosion of cybercrime over the past few years. Arm yourself with the best antivirus protection solution!

Client-side Benefits

· Recognized antivirus solution
· Protection against sophisticated malicious content
· Peripheral Protection
· Protection from re-infection
by preventing propagation

  • Evolving threats

The social network boom, the upload of web 2.0 content by internet users and the use of personal terminals in the professional context have opened new avenues for cybercrime, using increasingly sophisticated malicious content to achieve its goals.

Malicious code is designed to become less easily detectable by conventional protection systems. Since malicious content can hold up your information system, you will need to deploy advanced protection solutions that have what it takes to handle this type of threat.

  • Mobility and new user habits

The emergence of mobile devices has led to new ways of using the network. A growing number of employees now use their personal terminals to log on to the company’s information system.

These devices have become the main target of cybercrime, and the number of threats directed at mobile devices is constantly on the rise. It is disturbingly easy to launch an attack as you merely need to install a program that appears legitimate.

  • Peripheral protection

The use of personal terminals and the probability of human error require the setup of a protection method on the perimeter of the infrastructure. The risk of infection falls when the threat does not reach the end user.

Furthermore, deploying protection mechanisms on a network device has many advantages. The availability of the gateway ensures that the detection engine is optimally updated, and also guarantees an antivirus scan against viruses that may pass through the protection device.

Spam and malicious email cost millions of dollars in lost productivity, slow down company networks and waste the time of network administrators. Email is now an essential business tool for most companies. However, with spam accounting for 90% of all email messages, it is important to have a solution that addresses this problem while ensuring that legitimate messages are delivered to the intended recipient.

Optimal performance

NETASQ’s unique architecture combines two technologies to create a highly effective double barrier to protect against spam. DNS-based blacklists use reputation analysis to identify spam senders and enable your network administrator to create blocking lists to combat them. NETASQ allocates a ‘confidence index’ to each blacklisted server, allowing your administrator to choose which to interrogate. A whitelist of legitimate email servers is updated daily to reduce the likelihood of false positives and ensure that legitimate messages arrive safely.


NETASQ’s powerful engine heuristically examines message headers and content, using empirical rule and semantic analysis, detecting counter-measures employed by spam senders and even analysing HTML code. Any new category of spam, including image spam, will be detected.

ISP tests have shown that NETASQ’s analytical engine blocks up to 99% of unwanted mail, without affecting legitimate messages. Crucially, these multiple levels of analysis are performed in parallel to offer maximum efficiency without affecting performance.