Version 9.1

A new version for a new digital world

With the advent of a new digital age and adoption of emerging IT usages, new challenges have to be addressed in order to permanently enhance network protection while guaranteeing ever-higher performances.


Among these new challenges:

  • Upsurge in the volume of content and data available as well as endless increase in electronic communications require constant enhancements to manage and protect information
  • New trends such as the adoption of cloud computing, the benefits brought by the growing use of social networking or BYOD need to be taken into consideration not to jeopardize business continuity because of security flaws
  • The impact and restrictions on users and administrators to ensure the required level of protection have to be kept at a minimal level, to facilitate the adoption of security policies

I was one of the very first beta testers of Version 9.1. After 3 months of thorough testing in our production environment, I have not encountered a single issue. This version is very robust indeed.

Olivier Marty, Technical Director, ABSYS


I sent the V9.1 version to some of our customers during the beta test period. They all found the version to be very robust and stable. I would definitely give a 10/10 score for its quality.
Grzegorz Nocon, Dagma, System Engineer


As a beta test site from day one, we loaded the different beta versions without any issue. All the features are great and the migration from one version to the next was really seamless.
Marko Kasic,Security Solutions Advisor, Amis

High Performances

  • Increase in IPS performance of up to 40%
  • Increase in Antivirus performance of up to 100%


NETASQ appliances push back the limits of IPS throughput by offering unrivalled performance at the lowest cost. Version 9.1 has been enhanced with many enhancements in terms of performance.





Advanced Protection in Cloud Environment

  • Security Application for Amazon Web Services Environments


Virtualized environments in public or private clouds require advanced protection of a caliber at least equivalent to the type applied to physical servers. In just a few clicks, Amazon Web Services users can benefit from the proven level of security which has contributed to the success of NETASQ products. All the multi-level security features on NETASQ appliances are available.


To allow Amazon Web Services (AWS) clients to control and ensure the security of their cloud environments, NETASQ virtual appliances are now available in the AWS* Marketplace. The AWS version adds on to our range of virtual appliances, which already protect numerous cloud environments.



BYOD made Secure

  • Identification and control of mobile devices
  • Authentication in disparate environments (IOS, Android, Windows, etc)


With version 9.1, NETASQ appliances can identify the mobile terminals connected to the information system and monitor their use. It is therefore possible to allow or deny the use of these devices during certain time slots, or for certain users or user groups or for access to certain resources. A stronger protection profile can even be applied.





Instant and unlimited Web protection: Extended Web Control

  • URL filtering solution in Cloud mode
  • Database containing more than 100 million URLs
  • 65 categories, 8 of which are dedicated to security


Version 9.1 has been enriched with a brand new feature to protect web use and filter URLs: Extended Web Control. Thanks to its operation in Cloud mode, Extended Web Control offers efficient categorization in real time on all products in the NETASQ range.


Billions of requests are analyzed to evaluate websites’ risk levels all the time and to prevent an infected or malicious website from being visited once it has been detected. As such, connections from internal hosts or external hosts via VPN to botnet control sites (C&C) or malicious websites can be avoided.**



The new web control feature in Cloud mode which is present in Version 9.1 proves to be very effective. The URL database is extremely rich and the number of categories significantly enlarged. A real market need is covered here with categorization taking place in real time and immediate blocking of infected or malicious websites as soon as they are detected.
Didier Belet, General Manager, Euromedia



Interactive Reports to Constantly Enhance Security: NETASQ Activity Reports

  • 21 embedded reports
  • Modification of configuration from reports


Through graphical reports, covering 6 themes (security, WEB,…) and available from a dedicated application, users can view, for example, how the internet access is used, which attacks have been blocked as well as the vulnerable hosts in your company. These interactive reports allow making changes directly to the configuration in a single click and improving the level of protection at all times.


This application is available on the whole NETASQ range. Now that removable data is supported for the local storage of logs, the number of active reports can be extended on U30S and U70S products** (5 reports in the standard version).


Transparent User Authentication: Putting the user at the heart of security policies

  • Transparent authentication for Windows environments
  • Transparent authentication on multi-user environments. Several users may be authentified through a single IP address
  • Multiple authentication instances


Version 9.1 makes it even easier to set up user authentication. New methods allow seamlessly identifying users of a Microsoft domain, as well as users connected from Citrix or TSE servers. Defining an authentication strategy which adapts to the context and allows placing users more easily at the heart of the security policy is now possible.


An Intuitive Answer to Control Applications

NETASQ’s application control feature relies on a qualitative approach – it favors the integration of applications which are truly relevant to companies (based on their business or geographical location).
NETASQ clients may for this purpose submit their specific requests for the support of new applications via a dedicated portal.


Version 9.1 presents many other innovations such as:

  • New installation wizard: first configuration with the highest level of security in less than 3 minutes,
  • SD card support: local log storage allowing access to the 21 interactive reports for U30S and U70S and compliance with regulatory requirements regarding the retention of electronic communications,
  • Secure access for mobile terminals (IOS/Android/Client VPN): a “mobile” profile enables the quick setup of VPN tunnels for remote access to internal resources,
  • Monitoring of the Safesearch function on search engines: filtering of inappropriate content or images in the search results provided by Google, Bing or Yahoo,
  • ePub feature on the antispam engine: improves user productivity by identifying e-mails relating to advertising campaigns
  • Access to Youtube EDU: ability to allow users to watch Youtube EDU videos, even when the Youtube website is prohibited.


* November 2013
**Extended Web Control and local log support are optional features