NETASQ Institute, approved training organization N° 31.59.05307.59, conducts training courses for its partners in sessions that allow them to obtain certifications on its solutions.

Administrator course

Concentrates on learning how to use the features and on the installation of products within typical architectures.

Expert course

Concentrates on the integration of products within very complex architectures and on the resolution of configuration issues.

Expert Plus course

Intended for partners/clients who wish to provide technical support on NETASQ products.

NETASQ Certified Training Centers (NCTC)

NETASQ also delegates end-user training programs to its NCTC certified partners NCTC (NETASQ Certified Training Centers). As there are as many NCTCs in Europe as there are internationally, their geographical proximity is certainly an advantage for you. A thorough certification process ensures NETASQ that the courses on its solutions are conducted with the highest quality and with the greatest level of professionalism.


NETASQ Institute gives talks in grandes écoles and universities in order to provide courses adapted to students at the end of their degree courses.

NETASQ conducts training courses in its head office located in Villeneuve d’Ascq (59), as well as in its offices in Boulogne-Billancourt (92). Our instructors are also able to provide on-site training (kindly contact the sales department for more information).

Trainees are expected to turn up at 9.30a.m. on the first day of the course.

When to sign up:
Minimum 2 weeks in advance. Registrations will be closed 1 week before the course begins.

We limit the maximum number of trainees to 8 for each CNA (administrator) and/or CNE (expert) session. As for CNEP (expert plus) sessions, we consider them full once 4 participants have signed up.

Training sessions will be postponed if the number of registered attendees is lower than 3 for CNA/CNE and 2 for CNEP.

Please check with your sales representative or contact us at +33 1 46 21 82 30.
For questions regarding the availability of training sessions or course contents, please contact us at +33 3 20 61 96 30, then press 1 – 1.

If a course is cancelled less than 48 hours before the course is to begin, the full cost of the course shall be payable. If the cancellation is communicated more than 48 hours before the course is to begin, the cancellation will not be charged.

Examination and Certification

At the end of the course, an examination (the duration of which varies according to the course level) will be conducted in order to gauge and validate the skills acquired. As this examination is carried out on an e-learning platform, trainees will be able to spend time revising before sitting for the exam.

January, 2014

Trainning Place/Country Language Dates Remaining places Trainning center
CNE V9 re-certification workshop THE NETHERLANDS EN 16 10 TOP IT

February, 2014

Trainning Place/Country Language Dates Remaining places Trainning center
Administrator V9 THE NETHERLANDS EN 04-05-06 6 TOP IT
CNA V9 re-certification workshop THE NETHERLANDS EN 26 10 TOP IT