NETASQ Secure Return

Configuration files and event logs on security devices are part of the sensitive information that, in certain cases, cannot be entrusted to third parties. With the Secure Return service extension, these data will no longer leave your corporate network, even when hardware components break down or are exchanged.

Client-Side Advantages

· Confidentiality regarding configurations and event logs
· Hardware warranty maintained
· Compliance with regulations governing access to sensitive data: healthcare (HIPAA), banking (PCI-DSS) or defense

In many sensitive environments and contexts, connection logs generated by security devices as well as the configuration data of such devices, are considered highly confidential information. This information cannot be sent to a third party even for a maintenance operation. It may also be impossible to transfer devices that contain event logs due to regulatory requirements. Unless a particular agreement has been made, transferring logs containing user activity records outside the European Union, for example, is prohibited.

Exchange your equipment, not your data

During a product exchange, either following a breakdown or a malfunction, standard procedures involve sending the defective equipment back to the vendor or a partner. The Secure Return service extension allows you to keep your sensitive data (configuration, event logs, etc) by removing the storage medium before sending
back your appliance. The replacement product will then be sent to you with a new blank storage medium. You therefore have the option of archiving your old storage medium or personally destroying it.

Availability of the service extension

The Secure Return service extension is available on all products in the NETASQ range with a valid maintenance contract. The subscription remain valid for as long as the associated maintenance contract is valid. Depending on the product concerned, the storage medium would either be an internal Compact Flash module or an internal hard disk.