NETASQ Cloud Reporting

Manage and enhance your security without restriction

Enhance your security

Reports generated via NETASQ’s Cloud Reporting service make it easy to identify security incidents and evaluate compliance with and deviation from the security policy. You can as such monitor the effectiveness of your filter rules and define the adequate corrective or preventive actions. The integrated dashboards and indicators can be used as a keystone to a continual improvement process for your security policy. This approach meets the standards and regulations requiring a regular review of events logs.


Redeem your investments

Efficient management of your security through adapted reporting allows you to optimize your investments. Upon analyzing the indicators, configuration errors on your security solution or your applications may be revealed. Fixing them will contribute to the enhanced operation and performance of your infrastructure. Setting up indicators and communication channels makes it possible to provide management with adapted feedback. Indicators representing the evolution of blocked threats or compliance with the IT charter highlight the relevance of investments.


Service in the cloud

This service, offered in the form of a subscription, without human or material effort, can be activated immediately. NETASQ’s Cloud Reporting range can be adapted on demand according to your needs. The NETASQ Event Analyzer solution is deployed within NETASQ Cloud Reporting in order to gather events sent by NETASQ firewalls that have subscribed to the service. Reports built based on these data will automatically be sent by e-mail.


Added-value services

Indicators have shown that a particular event has occurred. Whether it relates to security, web browsing or system activity, it can be investigated through specific additional reports. The NETASQ Cloud Reporting range also allows the implementation of other value-added services that your partner may suggest. The range can be the basis for customized support (analysis of reports and events, personalized tracking of the security policy, vulnerability management, etc).


Details of the offer

Standard reporting range
Advanced reporting range
Automatic monthly reports
Daily / Monthly
Overview of security events
Firewall•Intrusion prevention•Antivirus•antispam•Web browsing
Reports on system activity
Top system and security events · CPU consumption · Bandwidth consumption
Filter indicators
Accepted/Blocked connections · Distribution of connections (network segment and filter rule)·Volume exchanged per host / department / IP
croix rouge
Intrusion prevention indicators
Overview of alarms . Map of threats and targets
Web browsing indicators
Details of visits (volume exchanged,number of visits, session duration, keywords used in search engines)· User activity · Search activity
Vulnerability indicators
Details of vulnerability hosts· Detected operating systems · Map of vulnerabilities and solutions