Technology Partners

NETASQ has established strategic partnerships with recognized technology companies to offer a complete and innovative security solution.


NETASQ chose Click&DECiDE as the best choice for their customers. Click&DECiDE have a unique technology that combines log management and advanced business intelligence.


Equinux is a publisher of software solutions for the Mac OS X platform. VPN Tracker, Equinux’s VPN client for MAC OS X contains an integral NETASQ profile enabling configuration with a single clic.


ExaProtect is the market leader in Core Security Event Management (CSEM) – monitoring, interpreting and reporting on the security level of strategic information contained in the systems at the heart of the company’s business. Following its merger with Solsoft, ExaProtect is the only vendor to integrate change management for security policy with the management of security information and events (SIEM) to enable real-time threat resolution. ExaProtect offers companies a fully comprehensive solution and complies with audit requirements to analyze and respond quickly to any adverse change or attack on the strategic information and systems which are linked to the heart of the company’s business.

ICAP Forum

NETASQ is compatible with the ICAP Protocol (Internet Content Adaptation Protocol) which allows open standard communication between security devices to filter content. The ICAP protocol was developed by the ICAP Forum ( which comprises several manufacturers and publishers.


IP Infusion is a recognized global player and chosen by many manufacturers for its dynamic routing capabilities. NETASQ appliances include IPInfusion’s OSPF, BGP and RIP routing protocols from.

Kaspersky Labs

Founded in 1997, Kaspersky Labs focus on developing advanced solutions to protect computer data. Kaspersky antivirus is considered the best antivirus solution thanks to its immediate response capability upon discovery of a new virus and the intelligence of its detection engine. NETASQ integrates this antivirus solution into its appliances, delivering the best performance UTM solution available.

The GreenBow

TheGreenBow provides enterprise security software for Laptop and Mobile Devices to secure access and communications for the mobile workforce. Our software is designed to be extremely easy to use with the strongest authentication and encryption standards. TheGreenBow Security products are also designed to integrate smoothly with existing enterprise security components such as PKI, LDAP or Radius Server, Tokens and network gateways.


VUPEN Security is a research company specializing in computer security analysis and the advanced exploitation of vulnerabilities. It markets vulnerability monitoring solutions and security testing tools enabling professionals (RSSI, DSI, consultants and engineers) to assess the weakness of their systems by simulating security attacks or performing regular intrusion tests. The company also offers security software vendors (vulnerability management, antivirus, IDS, IPS, content filtering, etc.) in-depth technical analysis of weaknesses and exploitation codes allowing them to quickly develop signatures, rules and protection filters for their products to proactively detect real or potential threats. VUPEN Security provides NETASQ with daily monitoring of the latest security loopholes and listings of vulnerabilities covered by NETASQ Vulnerability Manager.


WebTrends is the global leader in web and network analysis solutions. Traces generated by NETASQ appliances can be analyzed by WebTrends reporting tools.