Becoming a NETASQ Partner

NETASQ’s unique, global Partner Program has been created to support all NETASQ customers in their choice and implementation of a security solution.

A simple, well-designed program underpins the standards of excellence that you deliver to your customers.

As an approved partner you benefit from the privilege of direct access to our experts at NETASQ. We believe in long-term relationships based on trust and offer our partners significant commercial benefits, as well as comprehensive support from our pre-sales and technical support teams.

Each and every NETASQ partner enjoys a priority relationship which guarantees you an outstanding level of service. A simple, well-designed program underpins the standards of excellence that you deliver to your customers.

A complete range of tools are made available to support you in building and maintaining long-term relationships with your customers. You can manage their networks remotely to guarantee their maintenance and change the options to suit their needs.

The NETASQ knowledge base is constantly updated. Our technical support teams are expert not only in NETASQ products but in any aspect of network security. We are committed to ensure you receive the support you require to guarantee your customers the highest levels of service at all times.

Silver Program

Silver partners form the first level in NETASQ’s partnerships. These partners would have expressed their interest in NETASQ solutions by obtaining a certification for their knowledge of the products. Silver partners will have access to information and tools reserved for NETASQ partners, making them an effective interface between clients and NETASQ support centers.

Gold Program

Gold partners are certified experts in NETASQ solutions. Since they would have built up a laboratory of products, they can therefore continue to strengthen their knowledge. Gold partners are in direct contact with the NETASQ TAC and transmit the benefits of this privileged partnership to their clients.

Platinum Program

Platinum partners have the highest degree of involvement in NETASQ solutions and avail their clients of a team of experts who each have the full array of NETASQ technical certifications. Their high level of technical skills guarantee that they will get access to the same tools as NETASQ teams as well as to dedicated training programs in order to meet their clients’ demands.

Every NETASQ partner is committed to an ongoing program of training and development to ensure they have the most up-to-date skills and knowledge. NETASQ also provides them with advice, support and tools to ensure our end customers receive the recommendations that are right for them.

Support Centers

NETASQ Certified Support Centers (NCSC) guarantee exceptional level 1 support. Their teams have a minimum of 2 people who are certified to Administrator, Expert and Expert + level and are NETASQ approved to guarantee support of the highest quality.

Training Centers

NETASQ Certified Training Centers (NCTC) have been approved by NETASQ. They have completed a rigorous certification program to enable them to deliver training courses which meet the highest standards of quality and professionalism.