To compete on todays market, organizations deploy more and more web and application services supporting 24×7 business operations. The level of investment for this uncontrolled growth being no longer acceptable, IT managers see in virtualization a viable means to highly reduce the costs of their server infrastructure.

Virtual appliances for servers

  • No initial cost for a fast return on investment (ROI)
  • Proven IPS protection and vulnerability assessment
  • Compliant with virtualization market leaders
  • Evolutive solution

From a security perspective, virtualization is not a synonym for benefits. By fully overthrowing the traditional physical separation in different trust zones for back-end and front-end servers, virtualization is a two-edged sword.

The most efficient solution to monitor communication between virtual servers running on the same physical hardware is a virtual appliance with Firewall and IPS capabilities. NETASQ Virtual Appliance for Servers is the solution to protect virtual DMZ.

Protect your virtual DMZ

Like physical environments, virtual networks can suffer from bandwidth abuse, Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks, viruses and vulnerability exploits. These threats jeopardize the network availability as well as the productivity of the employees.

To fully take advantage of virtualization by nullifying its risks, businesses do not just need real time protection against current and future threats, but also to regain complete visibility and control of applications flaws on the different virtual servers.

« Through 2010, 60% of virtualized servers will be less secure than the physical servers they replace, dropping to 30% by YE15. »


* Addressing the Most Common Security Risks in Data Center Virtualization Projects, Neil MacDonald, Gartner Inc., January 25, 2010

Located in the system kernel, our patented intrusion prevention engine delivers real time behavioral and protocol analysis of the data flow. Our unique architecture embeds both IPS and all functionalities of a complete all-in-one solution (UTM), a further added value enterprises can benefit from, if needed.

Furthermore NETASQ’s VS5 and VS10 support transparent network segmentation, intuitive user-based security policy, and protect data coming through “secure” IPSec or SSL VPN tunnels by proactively scanning the traffic generated via remote connections.

On top of the field-proven, EAL 4+ certified protection for your data and voice traffic, NETASQ’s Virtual Appliances for Servers come at no additional cost with NETASQ Vulnerability Manager, a real time vulnerability management system. It delivers real-time assessment of the threats affecting your virtual servers as well as efficient information on the location of patches and updates for their correction.

NETASQ’s Virtual Appliances for Servers are compatible with VMware VSphere™ and Citrix Xenserver™. Thanks to the virtual appliance format, the installation/restoring process is extremely simple, granting a high degree of portability.

Budget under control

As all organizations need to consider the price / quality ratio of IT security, NETASQ wished to contribute to protecting virtual servers by giving access to both VS5 and VS10 at no initial cost.

To benefit from the full range of security features and the vulnerability assessment delivered by NETASQ’s Virtual Appliances for Servers, businesses just need to subscribe for the maintenance services, firmware and protection updates. The advantages of the yearly subscription approach are clear: full cost control and fast return on investment for state-of-the-art protection.

NETASQ’s Virtual Appliances for Servers deliver dedicated “future ready” protection, safeguarding your network, productivity, and budget.

Protected IP addresses 5 10
NETASQ Vulnerability Manager
Concurrent connections 1,000,000 2,000,000
802.1Q VLANs (max) 512 512
IPSEC VPN Tunnels (max) 10,000 10,000
Simultaneous SSL VPN clients 2,048 2,048