NETASQ Virtual Appliances

Small and medium businesses should bear in mind that all networks within their IT infrastructure, be they virtual or physical, require the same level of protection against current and emerging threats.

Virtual appliances for SMB and network segmentation

  • VMware VSphere and Citrix Xenserver Ready
  • No Initial Costs
  • Portability
  • Zero-Day Intrusion Prevention
  • Automatic Updates

The benefits provided by virtualization, particularly for SMBs are clear: cost reduction, resource optimization and easier service deployment and management, in addition to faster data recovery. However virtualization enables multiple services, many with different trust levels, to run on the same physical platform.

This is a practice that requires powerful solutions to secure traffic flowing between each of the virtual machines. As it is not possible to place a traditional firewall within a virtual network, the best way to monitor communication in a virtual environment is to deploy a virtual security appliance.

Securing your virtual network environment

Virtual machines host the same Operating Systems, CRM, ERP and business critical applications as physical servers, with multiple virtual machines now sharing a single hardware platform. Email and web servers, which were traditionally located in the DMZ, can therefore be hosted in the same environment as production servers, making the latter potentially more accessible.

As you move from a physical environment to a virtual network, you need a proactive, all-in-one virtual security appliance to ensure that all your protection requirements continue to be met. A mature, IPS-based Unified Threat Management solution with an integral real-time analysis will enable you to benefit from all the advantages of virtualization, including load-balancing, portability and fast data recovery.

NETASQ’s zero-day Intrusion Prevention System lies at the heart of all Virtual Appliances for SMBs. Located in the system kernel, it embeds firewall, antivirus and antispam functionality. It also includes protection for your VoIP traffic and supports both IPSec and SSL VPN tunnels ensuring full protection of your inter-site communications.

The NETASQ engine analyzes network protocols and applications to detect and block threats, delivering outmost security by dramatically reducing the risk of false alarms thanks to behavioral analysis, coupled with a range of contextual signature databases.

Reducing costs

To remain competitive, small and medium businesses need to minimize the costs of their IT infrastructure, which often leads to compromises as to the quality of the deployed IT services.

Taking this into account, with NETASQ Virtual Appliances for SMBs organizations can benefit from the full range of security features at no initial cost, by just subscribing for the services, which include firmware and protection updates.

The benefits of an annual subscription are clear: drastic reduction of IT security costs, full cost control, rapid return on investment on a state-of-the-art protection.

Virtual appliance for enterprise

  • Proven, EAL4+ certified solution
  • Unrestricted users and IP licence
  • On demand security: no initial costs
  • Compliant with virtualization market leaders
  • Best-in-Class zero-day Intrusion Prevention
  • Perfectly fits your green IT strategy

Enterprises adopt virtualization both to bring consistency to their IT infrastructure and to profit from a technology, which brings about a huge TCO reduction, enhanced system exploitation and manageability, load balancing, server portability and immediate recovery.

Poor security practices though, may nullify the dramatic benefits of virtualization. Its dark side is indeed the possibility to arbitrarily connect virtual hosts to network segments with different trust levels. The fact that traditional IPS/IDS appliances, once shielding the physical network, are useless in a fully virtualized environment is a further aggrieving factor.

Enterprises need to maintain the same quality of security for virtual environments hosting their business critical applications and information, as previously granted within physical networks.

An efficient and intuitive management interface

Located in the system kernel, our patented intrusion prevention engine delivers real-time behavioral and protocol analysis of the data flow. It combines several technologies to proactively protect against thousands of existing and future threats.

Deployed in a virtual environment, the NETASQ Virtual Appliance for Enterprise comes with an efficient and intuitive management interface. Per user security policy configuration and comprehensive network monitoring are natively supported to let the security team in control of their virtual network.

By sharing the same hardware platform to host operating systems, CRM and ERP as well as all services once located in the DMZ, all affected by potential application vulnerabilities, virtualization raises new challenges for the protection of business critical information.

To adequately protect such multi-layer architectures, enterprises need a mature virtual security solution, allowing to centrally manage multiple virtual and physical security devices. They also require to support smooth migrations within meshed topologies, network segmentation and optimal protection of the inter-site communication. The NETASQ Virtual Appliance for Enterprise is the solution covering all these expectations.

On top of the field-proven EAL 4+ certified solution, our virtual appliance integrates all functionalities you would expect from a complete all-in-one solution (UTM). An enterprise may also benefit from a real-time vulnerability assessment engine*, which drastically reduces the risks for sensitive architectures.

Last but not least, NETASQ’s VU (unlimited) contributes to secure mobility by delivering a proactive analysis of the data flow coming through “secure” SSL or IPSec VPN tunnels.

*requires subscription

On demand security

One of the principles driving virtualization being a massive cutback on infrastructure costs, NETASQ Virtual Appliance for Enterprise is delivered at no initial cost, “on demand”.

To benefit from the full range of security features offered by NETASQ’s Virtual Appliance for Enterprise, large organizations just need to yearly subscribe for the services, firmware and protection updates. The subscription approach bears several advantages, among which full cost control on a yearly basis and fast return on investment for state-of-the-art protection are just a few.

NETASQ Virtual Appliance for Enterprise delivers future-ready, enterprise-class security, granting to large global organizations true protection against internal and external threats. It safeguards both the performance of their virtual network and the employees’ productivity.

Protected IP addresses 50 100 200 500 Unlimited
Concurrent connections 100 000 200 000 400 000 600 000 3 000 000
VLANs 802.1Q (max) 32 128 128 128 512
IPSEC VPN Tunnels (max) 100 500 1 000 1 000 10 000
Simultaneous SSL VPN clients 50 256 512 512 2 048