NETASQ Event Analyzer (NEA)

Since the various types of network events have their own specificities, the targeted transmission of reports to the people concerned ensures higher productivity and provides real help in decision-making.

NETASQ Event Analyzer

Benefits for Decision Makers
  • Time-saving
  • Effective ‘information-based’ decision-making
  • Compliance with archiving legislation
Benefits for Administrators
  • Task automation
  • Powerful OLAP-based analysis tool
  • Role Based Management

NETASQ Event Analyzer is a security event management solution that handles the collection and consolidation of information that NETASQ’s multi-function firewalls send out. This solution also offers the automatic generation, customization as well as legal archival of events.

NETASQ Event Analyzer is a truly helpful decision-making tool for the security manager, the network administrator or the technical team. It allows following up on the security policy and ensuring the archival of events according to legal requirements. NETASQ Event Analyzer est to be a security event management solution that guarantees optimum productivity.

Be in control of your security level

The granularity of information, the nature of such information and the frequency with which reports are generated on the NETASQ Event Analyzer solution are settings that can be fully configured. With such optimum accuracy, the implemented security policy will thus be completely under control. NETASQ Event Analyzer sends each report to whoever needs it. The targeted transmission of information to various information system managers (e.g. network or security) provides real help in the decision-making process.

Optimize your productivity


NETASQ Event Analyzer offers more than 200 pre-configured and fully customizable reports. Upon installation, tasks for generating summary reports are created so that the feature can be used immediately. Maintaining the operation of a network event management solution may become a tedious task after a few years, or even months, of use.

NETASQ Event Analyzer offers a set of automatic and configurable features that handle the consolidation of events, the generation of reports as well as the management of operations performed on the database.

Detailed log analysis

Searching for specific information while performing a detailed analysis of security events is a tricky task that may take up a lot of time. NETASQ Event Analyzer aggregates data in three dimensions (cube) to allow easy manipulation in several specific views. When you save your view and the related graphs, you will be able to reuse them with another set of data in order to gauge changes that have occurred over time.


Network event management must allow traffic passing through the information system to be analyzed and understood. It also needs to enable the archival of information in compliance with legal requirements (HIPAA, SOX, BASEL II or even PCI-DSS).